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A unique opportunity to step into Anissa's kitchen to teach me my favourite Syrian & other Levants dishes. I w

Private Cooking Class with ​Anissa Helou - Top Syrian Chef

I got an amazing opportunity to get a one to one cooking lesson with the lovely Anissa Helou via an auction for Hands up for Syria.

I was invited into her own personal kitchen to see all her herbs and spices and also chat with her to draw inspiration on how she got into cooking.

She recently had written a book on the food of Levant. Interesting enough there are no pictures of food her book, but the recipes are great and easy to follow.

So before my lesson I chose to learn how to make Kibbeh. A meat based ball as its slightly time consuming and making those delicate balls filled with stuffing was an art form. Highlight of the day was when Anissa commented on my knife skills.

Happy to know I have the same Ittala pans as she has.


Mutabbal Qara - Steamed butternut Squash with tahinin, lemon, garlic & sumac

Kibbeh - bulgar wheat & minced meat balls filled with more meat, pine nuts and onions spices, then delicately cooked in a richtomato, sumac and aubergine stew

Semolina cake with yogurt, honey, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. Drizzled with a orange blossom & rose water syryp. Something I make for my father on a regular basis now.

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